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Looking for a Home Insurance quote that ​leaves you warm, cosy and well covered?

Your home is your most valuable asset, so you need to know that it's covered in almost any situation. House Insurance from Post Insurance means getting peace of mind and a policy that has been tailored to your needs. With Post Insurance Home Insurance you get a full range of benefits at no extra cost, to keep you protected when you need it most. 

The below is a summary of the benefits available to you, please refer to ​our policy booklet for full cover details and terms and conditions that apply. 

Benefits of Post Insurance ​Ho​use Insurance

If claims free for 5 years

We do not arrange home repairs - but we do provide a Homecall Helpline for emergency situations. Callsave 1850 62 11 26 - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Covers loss or damage to frozen food up to €650

Radios, Televisions, Video and Hi-Fi Equipment

We will cover accidental damage up to €2,000 to radios, televisions, video and audio equipment and home computers while in your home.

New Customer Discount

A 16.67% discount for all new customers.

Door Lock Replacement

If your keys are stolen, we will replace your door locks, up to a maximum of €400.

House Alarm Discount
  • 19.5% Burglar Alarm Discount, for properties protected by an approved monitored burglar alarm or
  • 14.5% Burglar Alarm Discount if your approved alarm is not monitored, all which are fitted to EN50131 (old IS199) standards. The installer should hold a P.S.A. (Private Security Authority) licence.
Credit / Debit Cards Cover

If you become legally liable for costs following the loss of your credit or debit card we will pay for costs up to €650 for purchases.

Christmas and Family Weddings

Your contents cover is increased by 10% for the month of December and for 30 days before and after the wedding of any member of your immediate family.

Fire Brigade Charges

Call out charges are covered up to €1,500.

Jury Service Benefit

If you or your partner is called for jury service, we will give you €40 per day up to a maximum of €650. This does not affect your No Claims Discount.

Visitors' Belongings

Cover for loss or damage to your visitors’ personal belongings temporarily in your home, up to €400.

Additional Upgrade Options

Depending on your own needs, you can choose to add some additional benefits to your policy for an extra charge. You can choose from:

Our FREE Homecall Helpline is available as standard with all Home Insurance policies, but help in a home emergency goes further. If you have an emergency in your home which needs immediate attention, we can help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Help in a Home Emergency cover is available as optional extra at €25 per policy. You do not need to purchase this optional extra in order to purchase the policy. If you purchase this optional extra with your home insurance we will provide a repair service to secure your home and prevent further damage caused by any of the following:

  • Water or oil leaks from pipes, toilets or kitchen fittings
  • Cover for storm or accidental damage to roof, windows and doors
  • Lock replacement following theft, loss of key or damage to locks
  • Broken glass in windows or external doors to make your home secure

  • Cover includes for the cost of callout, labour and materials for emergency repair (up to €250 per incident or €260 for broken window glass) and is available for just €25 on top of your home insurance premium.

    If you cannot live in your home, we will provide:

    • Overnight accommodation for up to four people (at a place we choose), with transport from your home
    • Up to 7 days’ furniture storage with transport to and from the storage facility (up to 50km)

    • We can also relay an urgent message to a family member in Ireland or abroad in the event of an emergency.

      This cover is provided by MAPFRE ASSISTANCE Agency Ireland.

You have the option to increase the excess to €500, €750 or €1000 which will reduce your premium.

This optional extra cover offers you help and advice with the most common legal problems. It will pay up to €65,000 to cover the legal costs you may incur for claims under the policy. You have access to a 24 Hour Helpline which will provide help and advice on any personal legal matter from a team of legal experts. This cover is available as an optional extra with your home insurance policy at a cost of €15. You do not need to purchase this optional extra in order to purchase the policy.

Some of the benefits you will enjoy with this cover are:

  • Legal Defence – provides legal defence for you for employment discrimination, motoring prosecutions or criminal prosecutions
  • Contract Disputes – will help and advise you if you need to pursue a claim following the purchase of goods or services that were not fit for purpose
  • Personal Injury – will help you to pursue claims for physical injury or accidental death
  • Property Protection – we will pursue claims if your home or personal possessions are damaged. It will also cover any problems arising from nuisance or trespass on your property
  • Cover available for just €15.
Family Legal Protection is underwritten by DAS Legal Expenses Company Ltd. DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Ltd is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for conduct of business rules.

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Post Insurance Home Insurance is arranged and administered by Post Insurance and is underwritten by Aviva Insurance Limited.